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Hanuka fair - Holon

Magic and Lite fair will take place on December 17-21, in Holon mall Sunday to Thursday, 9:30 -20 we need light fixture, lamp, candelabrum, Channukiah, candels, judaica etc. and everything related to magic- accessorys, trickes, fairys etc.

Taglit mega event

On June 13 2006 will take place a very big event, kind of an happening, to celebrate the 100,000 people who came to Israel with the "Taglit" project.

The Emek Refaim Farmer’s Market

The Emek Refaim Farmer’s Market > Joshua Rosenstein  “Rona Pollack makes all cheeses herself the old fashioned way. 'People are looking for cheeses that haven’t been touched by a thousand hands, that aren’t filled with preservatives, that come straight from the goats'...” Joshua Rosenstein heads to the Emek Refaim Farmer's Market one Friday morning...