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The Emek Refaim Farmer’s Market

The Emek Refaim Farmer’s Market > Joshua Rosenstein  “Rona Pollack makes all cheeses herself the old fashioned way. 'People are looking for cheeses that haven’t been touched by a thousand hands, that aren’t filled with preservatives, that come straight from the goats'...” Joshua Rosenstein heads to the Emek Refaim Farmer's Market one Friday morning...

Taglit mega event

On June 13 2006 will take place a very big event, kind of an happening, to celebrate the 100,000 people who came to Israel with the "Taglit" project.

Hanuka fair - Holon

Magic and Lite fair will take place on December 17-21, in Holon mall Sunday to Thursday, 9:30 -20 we need light fixture, lamp, candelabrum, Channukiah, candels, judaica etc. and everything related to magic- accessorys, trickes, fairys etc.